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Unveiling Why Dr. Mrinal Sharma is Best for Orthopedic Treatment in Noida

Unveiling Why Dr. Mrinal Sharma is Best for Orthopedic Treatment in Noida January 23, 2024

Unveiling Why Dr. Mrinal Sharma is Best for Orthopedic Treatment in Noida

In the realm of orthopedic care, finding a doctor with a blend of impeccable qualifications and extensive training is paramount. Dr Mrinal Sharma stands out as a beacon of excellence in the field, with a remarkable journey through prestigious institutions and specialized fellowships that underscore his commitment to providing top-notch orthopaedic care.

Educational Background

  • MCh.Orth – American Institute of Medicine, Fort Wayne, USA
  • Diploma SICOT[Belgium] – SICOT
  • DNB(ORTHOPAEDICS) – National Board of Examinations
  • Master of Surgery (ORTHOPAEDICS) – National Board of Examinations
  • M.B.B.S – Govt. Medical College, Patiala

Specialized Fellowships

1. Ranawat Orthopedic Fellowship in Joint Replacement

  • Hospital: Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA
  • Duration: July-Sept, 2015
  • Mentors: Dr. Chitranjan S Ranawat & Amar S Ranawat

2. SICOT International Fellowship in Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Hospital: Golden Jubilee Hospital, Glasgow, UK
  • Year: 2015
  • Mentors: Dr. Kamaldeep, Dr. Frederic Picard

3. Revision Arthroplasty Fellowship

  • Hospital: Helios Endoklinik, Hamburg, Germany
  • Duration: 30th April to 31st May 2013
  • Mentors: Dr. Thorsten Gehrke, Dr. Akos Zahar & Dr. Wolfgang Klauser

4. Stryker Joint Replacement Fellowship

  • Hospital: Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi
  • Year: 2010
  • Mentor: Dr. Yatindra Kharbanda

5. Delhi Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship

  • Year: 2010-11
  • Focus: Joint Replacement Surgery under Dr. S K S Marya at Max Institute Saket Orthopedics, Saket New Delhi

6. Indian Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship

  • Location: Singapore
  • Year: 2011

7. Ludhiana Travelling Fellowship

  • Year: 2011-2012
  • Granted by: North Zone of the Indian Orthopaedic Association

8. Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy

  • Hospital: Sancheti Institute of Orthopaedics, Pune
  • Year: 2012
  • Mentor: Dr. Parag Sancheti

9. IOS-UK Indo-British Arthroplasty Fellowship

  • Hospitals: Center for Hip Surgery, Wrightington Hospital, Manchester, and King’s College London
  • Year: 2012

Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s journey is a testament to his academic prowess and a reflection of his dedication to staying at the forefront of orthopedic advancements. His diverse qualifications and specialized fellowships make him a distinguished orthopedic doctor, ready to provide unparalleled patient care. Choosing Dr. Mrinal Sharma means opting for expertise grounded in a rich educational background and a commitment to the latest in orthopedic care.

Years of Experience

With a robust career spanning over 22 years, Dr. Mrinal Sharma has solidified his position as a seasoned expert in the field of orthopedics. For 18 years, he has been actively practicing, leaving an indelible mark on the orthopedic landscape. His journey is not only marked by the passage of time but also by significant achievements that underscore his commitment to excellence.

Notable Achievements

Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s career is adorned with notable achievements, showcasing his dedication to advancing orthopedic care. Whether it’s pioneering procedures, groundbreaking research, or contributions to the field, his accomplishments speak volumes about his impact on orthopedics.

Expertise in Orthopedic Specializations

Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s expertise extends across various specialized domains within orthopedics. His focused areas of specialization include:

Joint Replacement Surgery

With a Ranawat Orthopedic Fellowship at the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Dr. Mrinal Sharma has honed his skills in joint replacement surgery. His proficiency in this critical area is complemented by a SICOT International Fellowship in computer-navigated joint replacement surgery, showcasing his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Revision Arthroplasty

A fellowship at Helios Endoklinik, Hamburg, Germany, specializing in revision arthroplasty, demonstrates Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s dedication to addressing complex cases. His training under leading experts in the field equips him to handle intricate revision procedures with finesse.

Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation

The IOS-UK Indo-British Arthroplasty Fellowship and the Ludhiana Travelling Fellowship underscores Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s expertise in arthroscopy and joint preservation. His skills in minimally invasive procedures contribute to enhanced patient outcomes and quicker recovery times.

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

The true measure of a healthcare professional’s impact lies in the experiences of the patients they’ve served. Dr. Mrinal Sharma has garnered heartfelt testimonials from individuals whose lives he has touched. Here are some real-life accounts:

Testimonial 1: [Sonal Kumari, Noida UP]

“I had been struggling with chronic joint pain for years until I found Dr. Mrinal Sharma. His compassionate approach and thorough understanding of my condition made all the difference. Thanks to him, I can now enjoy an active, pain-free lifestyle.”

Testimonial 2: [Naman Bhaita, Noida, UP]

“I underwent a complex joint replacement surgery under Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s care. His expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the process. Today, I’m back on my feet and living life to the fullest, all thanks to Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s skillful hands.”

Testimonial 3: [Shridhar Basu, Noida, UP]

“I appreciated Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s willingness to answer all my questions and explain my treatment options. It made me feel like an active participant in my own healthcare journey.”

Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s wealth of experience, coupled with his specialized skills, has shaped his career and positively impacted countless patients’ lives. His commitment to excellence and patient-centered care cements his reputation as a leading figure in orthopedics.

Embracing Patient-Centricity

At the core of Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s practice is a profound commitment to patient well-being. His journey in orthopedics is not merely defined by medical expertise but also by a deeply ingrained philosophy of patient-centric care. Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s approach transcends traditional healthcare, focusing on establishing strong doctor-patient relationships and tailoring treatments to individual needs.

Personalized Care Philosophy

Dr. Mrinal Sharma believes in the power of personalized care. He understands that each patient is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate in orthopedic medicine. From the initial consultation to the conclusion of treatment, Dr. Mrinal Sharma takes the time to comprehensively assess each patient’s condition, considering their medical history, lifestyle, and personal goals.

Open Communication Channels

Effective communication is the cornerstone of patient satisfaction. Dr. Mrinal Sharma ensures that patients are well-informed and actively involved in their healthcare journey. He takes the time to explain diagnoses, treatment options, and potential outcomes, fostering a sense of trust and transparency. This commitment to open communication empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health.

Initiatives for Patient Well-Being

Dr. Mrinal Sharma goes above and beyond in implementing initiatives that prioritize patient well-being:

Patient Education Programs

Recognizing the importance of informed patients, Dr. Mrinal Sharma conducts educational programs to enhance awareness about orthopedic conditions and preventive measures. These initiatives empower patients to participate actively in their health management.

Supportive Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Mrinal Sharma understands that the recovery process extends beyond the operating room and integrates comprehensive rehabilitation services into treatment plans. This holistic approach ensures that patients receive continuous support and guidance throughout their recovery journey.

Accessible and Responsive Care

Dr. Mrinal Sharma’s commitment to accessibility is evident in his responsive approach to patient concerns. He ensures that patients feel supported and cared for through in-person consultations, telemedicine, or timely responses to inquiries, fostering a sense of security during their orthopedic care experience.


In a field where compassion meets medical expertise, Dr. Mrinal Sharma exemplifies patient-centric orthopedic care. His commitment to personalized, transparent, and supportive practices sets a standard for healthcare that prioritizes each patient’s individual needs and experiences. Choosing Dr. Mrinal Sharma means choosing a healthcare partner who is not just a doctor but a dedicated advocate for patient well-being.

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