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Video Gallery

Unable to walk before surgery

2 Months after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Mobilising Pain free after bilateral total knee replacements

Before Bilateral TKR

69 Female. Painful Knee & Restricted Movements. Walking with Sticks Before Surgery

74 Years Male walking nicely two years after bilateral total knee replacement

Function After revision total hip replacement

Before Surgery

Same Patient mobilising second day after bilateral total knee replacement

Mr. R I Batra 76 male mobilising well after staged computer navigated total knee replacement for both knee

Mrs Vinay Sharma: One month after Bilateral total knee replacement

Mr. Bansal 69 Yrs Male, 1 Year Post Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

59 Years Male 2 months after Right Total Knee Replacement

Mrs. Dhanpati (66 Years)- One Year after Bilateral Total Knee Replacement.

Walking Before Surgery

Same Patient Two Month after revision Total Knee Replacement

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