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Total Hip Replacement

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A fracture, arthritis, or other deformities can make everyday movements and activities such as getting up, sitting down, or walking is very painful and challenging.

In addition, stiffness of your hip joint can make bending down or even resting very uncomfortable.

Suppose medications, mobility exercises, and changing your routine do not help your hip pain and symptoms. In that case, you should visit the Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor in Faridabad and get an expert diagnosis.

Hip replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve your pain, increase motion, and help you get back to enjoying everyday activities.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery is one of the most successful surgical procedures.

Dr. Mrinal Sharma is the Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor in Faridabad; he specializes in Joints, Hip & Knee Replacement, Orthopedic Sports Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Mrinaltakes an in-depth look at your Hip joints’ condition, movements, and flexibility. Then, with the help of X-rays, he determines the amount of damage and offers you the proper guidance.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid or traumatic arthritis are the most common cause of chronic hip pain.

Osteoarthritis. This condition of arthritis occurs with age. As we get old, our joints become weak, and when the cartilage deteriorates, the bones start rubbing on each other, and all the wear-tear can lead to this condition. Osteoarthritis usually appears in people 50 years of age and older and usually in people with a genetic history.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis. This is an autoimmune condition that causes chronic inflammation and can damage the hip joint’s cartilage, leading to stiffness and pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is also called inflammatory arthritis.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis. This condition happens when the cartilage gets damaged in a hip injury or fracture. The damaged cartilage can lead to hip pain and stiffness. If you experience shooting pain in your hips after a fall or accident, your peers should immediately take you to the Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Faridabad.

Childhood hip disease. Some infants and children are born with hip malformations. Even though these conditions can often be treated on early detection but can cause arthritis later on.

Is Hip Replacement Surgery for You?

Your decision to get a Total Hip Replacement Surgery should be after thoughtful consideration by you and your family; making this decision generally begins with a referral by Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor.

When Surgery is Recommended?

There are multiple grounds on which your doctor may suggest total hip replacement surgery. Individuals who benefit from hip replacement often have:

  • If you have trouble walking or bending
  • Hip pain that doesn’t decline even while resting
  • The extreme stiffness of the hip joint
  • No relief from medication or physical therapy

Candidates for Surgery

Your Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor In Faridabad suggests total hip replacement surgery after viewing the patient’s distress and disability, not age.

There are no restrictions based on age or weight for total hip replacement surgery.

Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Faridabad assesses patients individually, but most people who undergo total hip replacement are aged 50 to 80.

Since the early 1960s, advances in surgical techniques and technology have greatly improved the efficacy of hip replacement.

Deciding to Have Hip Replacement Surgery

Realistic Expectations

People who undergo total hip replacement surgery have a dramatic decline of hip pain and substantial progress in their capacity to accomplish everyday movements. Therefore, a critical factor in deciding whether to have a hip replacement is apprehending what this surgery can and cannot do for you.

Intense activities or being heavier may speed up this wear and tear, causing the hip replacement to loosen and be painful.

Therefore, the Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor In Faridabad advises against high-impact exercises such as jogging, sprinting, jumping, or sports.

Practical exercises following total hip replacement include walking, swimming, diving, biking, hiking, golf, dancing, and other less intense sports.

With suitable activity change, hip replacements can last for years long.

Preparing for Surgery

Medical Evaluation

Suppose you choose to have hip replacement surgery from the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon In Faridabad. In that case, Your orthopedic surgeon will ask you to have a thorough physical examination before your surgical procedure.

This is required to assure you are healthy to have the surgery and have a swift and complete recovery. In addition, many patients with chronic medical conditions, like heart disease, may also be assessed by a cardiologist before the hip surgery.

Tests: Several tests, electrocardiogram (EKG) or blood and urine sample, and chest x-rays may be required to help prepare for your surgery.

Medications: You should only take medication upon recommendations from your doctor or the Best Total Hip Replacement Surgeon In Faridabad before the surgery, or inadequate drugs can hinder the process.

Weight Loss: Your orthopedic surgeon may ask you to lose some weight before surgery if you are overweight to minimize the strain on your new hip for a faster and unproblematic recovery.

Home Planning: Several modifications can make your home easier to navigate during your recovery. To make your home safer and more comfortable to move through during recovery from hip replacement, consider doing the following:

  • Add safety bars or railings in your shower
  • Secure handrails on stairways
  • A stable and comfortable chair
  • A lifted toilet
  • A sturdy shower bench or chair
  • Remove loose carpets and cords.

Also, ask your family or partner to assist you in daily activities like dressing up, shoe wearing, picking something up, or showering.

Your Surgery

You will either go home on the same day of your total hip replacement surgery or be admitted to the hospital. Before your surgery, the plan to either be acknowledged or should be discussed with Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor in Faridabad.


Typically, hip replacement surgery is performed under anesthesia or spinal, epidural, or regional nerve block anesthesia (you are awake, but your body is numb from the waist down). You will also receive antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

Hip replacement surgery takes about 2 hours. Your Best Joint Replacement Surgeon In Faridabad will remove the damaged bone and cartilage and then position the prosthetics.

After surgery, you will be put in the recovery room, where you will rest for a few hours until you recover from anesthesia. After your surgery, you will be taken to your room to check your new hip joint’s operational activity when you wake up.


The success of your hip surgery will largely depend on how well you follow your orthopedic surgeon’s instructions about recovery and home care. 

Pain Management: You will experience some pain for a while after your hip replacement; your Best Total Hip Replacement Surgeon in Faridabad will give you a prescription to help manage this.

It is important to tell your doctor if your medication is working for you.

As soon as your pain begins to improve, stop taking pain medications. Talk to your doctor if your pain has not started to improve within a few days of your surgery.

Wound Care: After your total hip replacement surgery, Wound care is essential to protect you from infections and other complications.

Avoid washing the wound in water until it has closed and dried. You may resume wrapping the wound to stop irritation from clothing.

Diet: A loss of appetite is quite common after surgery. Therefore, a nutritious and balanced diet, often with an iron, is vital to help you heal swiftly and restore muscle strength. You will be given a devised plan by your Best Total Hip Replacement Doctor In Faridabad.


Exercises: Exercises that may be helpful for recovery after your total hip replacement surgery include:

  • walking
  • muscle-strengthening exercises
  • exercises in pool
  • Yoga
  • Mobility exercises
  • Resuming household activities, such as sitting, standing, and climbing stairs
  • Specific exercises for hip flexibility

Maintaining weight is also a crucial part of recovery.

After the surgery from the Best Total Hip Replacement Surgeon, you will receive an activity routine to follow.

This routine will speed up your healing process and help strengthen your hips.

It is essential to carefully follow the Best Orthopedic Surgeon’s instructions to recover faster.

In addition, it will help you return to your normal activities swiftly.

It will also develop a routine that is good for your overall health. 

Making the decision

Your Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Faridabad may carry out some tests to see if you need surgery, and you should ask your doubts during your appointments.

A total hip replacement indeed reduces pain and improves mobility. However, the thought of surgery can be scary.

For these reasons, you should see Dr. Mrinial Sharma — The Best Total Hip Replacement Surgeon in Faridabad.

Presently he is working as Senior Consultant & Head Orthopedics at Asian Hospital, Faridabad.

 He specializes in Joint Replacement surgery of almost all the major joints of the body, including the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, etc.

Dr. Mrinial has deep-rooted compassion for his patients and their families; he comforts his patients with constant communication and reassurance and handles their doubts with patience and care. 

Dr. Mrinial Sharma is an award-winning, gold medalist Orthopedic Surgeon with 20+ years of proficiency and experience in over 15000+ orthopedic procedures; with him, you can rest assured because you are in the safest hands.

Move better, feel better, live better; contact us to know more or book an appointment.

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