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Life After Total Knee Replacement

Life After Total Knee Replacement August 1, 2021

Life After Total Knee Replacement

Getting a knee replacement done can be a life-changing experience for some. From being dependent on someone or suffering from debilitating knee pain to an independent person who walks pain-free, enjoys his life, plays with his grandchildren and goes out for morning walks with his friends, getting a total knee replacement can be a paradigm shift. Patients can stand the same evening of surgery and can start walking with a walker the same evening or the next day after surgery. You can start using the toilet from the second day onwards. At first, you walk with a walker or stick. You can start using stairs as soon as you feel confident. International patients can fly back home as early as 7 days after surgery.

Return to work can be as early as 2 weeks. If you got your left knee replaced, you can drive an automatic car as soon as 2 weeks after surgery. If you got your right knee replaced or both knees replaced, you may have to delay driving till 4-6weeks after surgery. Sexual activity can be resumed upto 4weeks after surgery. You improve over time. Knee replacement surgery requires an average of 3 months before your muscles and bones heal completely and you regain normal motion and strength. You can return to sports such as swimming, golf, bowling, dancing and bicycling three months after surgery. You have to avoid high-impact activities such as running and jumping and contact sports such as football.

Total knee replacement is a boon for the elderly who want to live an active pain-free life.

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